" If you feel Beautiful, We'll make you Gorgeous " 
" If you feel Beautiful,  We'll  make you Gorgeous "
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Fotografia Conocimientos Basicos.
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that will make you look more beautiful than what you are already. 
No processing fee. 
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   four   4x5

Optional extras available 
 "Basics operational functions of your Digital Camera"

Here's a look at what we'll be covering:

Your Camera’s Automatic and Assisted Settings: All the basic function and gadgets on the camera

Iso / Asa, White balance, Aperture, Speed, and Manual priority..

Shooting modes, or the different ways your camera can assist you in taking a photograph.

Flash modes and when to use them.

Image enhancement settings, lens system for special individual interests.

Shooting assistance functions, like auto focus.

Understand How Your Digital Camera Works benefiting from the power,

 versatility and precision of Digital Cameras.

Want to learn all the Basic Knowldge How to use Your Digital Camera ?
2 hour Workshop Learn everything you need to know about your digital camera before you buy one or have one and don't know how to use it ..
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Next Class on MARCH 1 
10am to 12pm
Miami Lakes/Hialeah

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